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Turvakoulutusta kriisialueilla työskenteleville freelancereille

loka 24, 2017 | apurahat, freelance-journalisti, journalistit, Yleinen

The ACOS Alliance, in collaboration with FFR and RPT, is offering 10 bursaries for freelancers to have access to a 5 day HEFAT course in the UK. The course will take place from 20- 24 November, in Oxfordshire. Applicants should fill out the ACOS Standard Application Form by Friday 27 October.

In line with the ACOS Principles, the course is designed to help journalists covering conflict or exposed to safety challenges in their work to be better prepared. Provided by AK&P, the course is delivered by different experts and it covers digital security, sexual harassment and emotional trauma and self-care. It blends discussion with practical and written assignments and exercises with a focus on immersive training. Participants will learn the principles of security allowing them to be more effective and better able to get the story without becoming the story. A vital element of this course is the medical training. Experienced and qualified medics will teach life saving techniques with a focus on working in remote regions. Upon successfully completing this course, participants will receive a level 3 certificate in First Response Emergency Care and AK&P will issue an attendance certificate.

ACOS is covering the course fee, while RPT will support a limited number of travel grants. FFR is helping with the administration and selection of bursaries. AK&P is able to offer us a discounted fee thanks to the participation of news organizations, like ACOS signatory The Guardian.


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