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Materiaalia saa kierrättää kunhan siitä maksetaan

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Olemme tyytyväisiä, että materiaaliamme kierrätetään kunhan siitä sovitaan tekijän kanssa ja käytöstä maksetaan reilu korvaus, Sfj ja muut pohjoismaiset freelance-yhdistykset toteavat avoimessa kirjeessään.

A fair share – avoin peli – kirje julkistettiin mailman tekijänoikeuspäivänä 23.4.2013.

Kirje kokonaisuudessaan kuuluu näin:

”A fair share

We’re happy to see our material recycled, but not without an agreement with the author. Not without paying fair, every time our work is being used. Let the diversity of journalism grow and stop the exploitation of journalistic work!

This is a common call from the Nordic freelance organisations. As members of the The Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Unions of Journalists we want to maintain high journalistic standards and stay responsible for our work whereever it may go.

We want to communicate in a personal style to a certain target group. We have ethics that tell us to inform the persons interviewed about the aim and context of the interview and the means of publication. Nobody wants the surprise of seeing, hearing or reading themselves in unexpected media. It’s a matter of trust.

We are convinced that authors rights is a condition for reliable media, high quality and high ethical standards. Authors rights play an important roll in securing a diversity in choice of stories and media. A diversity our audiences ask for.

To ensure this, we demand control over our work.”

The FreelanceGroup of the Danish Union of Journalists
FAO and Sfj, freelance divisions of the Finnish Union of Journalists, Finland
FJ – the freelance division of the Norwegian Union of Journalists
Frilans Riks; Freelancers within the Swedish Union of Journalists


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