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About the AFJ

The Association of Freelance Journalists in Finland (AFJ) is a nationwide member organization of the Union of Journalists in Finland, comprising professionals in media, communications and publishing. Traditionally most of our members have been freelance journalists working for the printed press.

Our numbers, some 1 400 strong, include reporters, photographers and videographers, translators, publisher’s editors, graphic designers, communications specialists and other media professionals.

AFJ promotes the interests of members by informing them about current issues, taking positions on the development of the sector, and by providing them with training. The mission of the association is to improve its members’ working conditions, financial status and social security.

AFJ members do not as a rule belong to an employees’ unemployment fund. As entrepreneurs they take care of their own pension, sickness and unemployment cover.

AFJ organises training for members for developing their professional skills and advancement in their work.

For further information contact:

Union of Journalists in Finland
Association of Freelance Journalists in Finland
Siltasaarenkatu 16, 7th floor.
00530 Helsinki
Tel. +358 45 619 9958 (Mon-Thur)

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