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Program | Future of Freelancing


Friday – Tenalji von Fersen

10.00-10.30 Coffee and mingling
10.35-10.40 Opening words, Hanne Aho, president of the Union of Journalists in Finland
10.45-10.55 Freedom of speech and the significance of free media, President Tarja Halonen
11.00-11.45 The future of journalism and changes within profession. What sorts of new skills are needed? Kimberly Perry, senior editor on the Digital Transition team at The New York Times.
12.00-12.45 Journalism after disruption, journalist Hanna Nikkanen
12.45-13.45 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Entrepreneurial Journalism and the good professional practice of journalism

An increasingly large number of freelancers work in marketing communications, PR and as information officers. How to combine entrepreneurial journalism and freelance work with ethical guidelines? Where are the limits? The changing journalistic profession, rise of entrepreneurial journalism and journalistic identity. Cases and examples with debate and public voting.


  • Elina Grundström, chairman, CCN 
  • Mattias Kumlien, vikarierande Allmänhetens biträdande pressombudsman, PO
  • Pekka Pekkala, Communication Entrepreneur, Beam Me Up

Facilitator: freelance journalist Pasi Kivioja.

15.00-15.30 Coffee
15.30-16.15 Tenalji von Fersen

Fake news, propaganda, and influence operations – how to work as a journalist in a new, and more chaotic media environment, Anders Hofseth, strategic analyst, NRK


Poliisit – Nattpatruljen, how to create and sell a television format?
Ilkka Hynninen, Managing Director, Aitomedia

16.30-17.15 How to combine journalism and business? Journalist Martin Schibbye, Blank Spot  Experimenting with the next generation of storytelling, Anssi Komulainen, the Founder of Yle Beta 
17.30-18.15 Tenalji von Fersen

Generation Z and the future of Magazine Journalism, Julia Thurén, producer at website demi.fi and women’s magazine Demi and Trendi, A-lehdet

18.15-19.30 Break and mingling

Historical tours of Suomenlinna

18.15 /Group 1 /På Svenska

18.15 /Group 2/ in English

18.15 /Group 2/ In English

19.30-20.00 Drinks at the corridor of Tenalji von Fersen  19.30 o’clock.
20.00-00.30 Dinner Party & Dancing at Tenalji von Fersen banquet hall Music by Ykspihlajan Kino-orkesteri



Pajasali Myllysali / SHOW & TELL  Ruutikellari
9.15-10.00  VR and immersive storytelling for empathy, tolerance and understanding, Paulina Tervo, CEO and producer, Lyfta Oy

Participants will be able to try Lyfta’s interactive documents on their own devices. The documents work on all new Macs and PCs (Windows 10 at least), and on many Android tablets and new iPads (iPad 3 at least). Take your own device with you!

Afghan women journalists Nabila Seraaj, Elaha Rahat and  Raihana Habibi talk about their situation and discuss freedom of speech, the refugee issue and the problems faced by women in Afghanistan. Advocacy journalism, freelancer as a brand and the limits of profession. How to take stands without losing your customers? How to build your brand on strong opinions?

Panel discussion Noora Vaarala heads the debate. Yagmur Özberkan, Susani Mahadura, Niko Kettunen, Sisko Savonlahti and Jari Hanska. 

10.15-11.00 Shooting professional video on your mobile, journalist Mark Egan, Purple Bridge media 10.00 -10.30 LongPlayEditor in Chief, Anu Silfverberg

10.30-11.00 Mediakunta – Union based company for freelancers, CEO, Maiju Mitrunen


 The global transformation of work – new opportunities or spread of precarious work? Janne Gleerup, Work Life Researcher, Ph.D. Associate Professor, at Roskilde University.

Commentary: Anna Pärssinen, PhD, Senior Researcher at Statistics Finland


The Last Testament, Photographer Jonas Bendiksen

The Magnum photographer shows his new book, covering the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 

11.00-11.30 Oksa: Journalist on demand, Co-CEO, journalist Jussi Riku Helander Populism, Media Dynamics and Journalistic Choices. How Nordic media has reacted on the rise of populist-nationalist anti-immigration parties?
Dr. Mari K. Niemi, Senior Researcher, Centre for Parliamentary Studies
12.00-13.15 Lunch at Myllysali and Ruutikellari
13.00-14.30 90-minute Portfolio Feedback Session – Photojournalist Jonas Bendiksen


13.30-14.00 Crowd funding journalism, Jari Järvenpää, CEO of Rapport 13.00-14.30 Boiling Point. A Finnish documentary of the refugee crisis that shook Finland.

‘To the border, to the border!’ rang the calls back in 1939. Cut to 2016, when an asylum seeker arriving in Finland may have crossed up to 11 state borders during their journey.

14.00-14.30 Podcast production, Luoma-aho & Sulopuisto, Toimitus
14.30-15.00  Coffee Coffee Coffee
15.00-16.15  15.00-16.15

Ooh! Look at these beautiful fossils! – Press photography after press photography. Touko Hujanen, press photographer


Get the facts right – how to fact check videos, social media accounts and picture. Eoghan Sweeney, Journalist

15.00-16.00.  Panel discussion on how should journalist react on polarization and build up mutual understanding. Facilitator: freelance journalist Hanna Onttonen

  • Elina Venesmäki, Freelance-journalist
  • Oula Silvennoinen, Docent and Postdoctoral researcher of European History at the University of Helsinki. His themes are the history of holocaust, genocide, European fascism and radical nationalism.
  • Lotte Rosdahl, developer and advisor
 15.46-16.30  Tim Bird’s guided tout to his exhibition at Suomenlinna Museum: Suomenlinna – Islands of light 
18.00-21.30 Swim& Bath party at the Allas – Pool in downtown Helsinki.
Seminar ends, time to say goodbye.
21.30-00.00 If you stay the night in Helsinki, join us. 
Bier sommelier, freelance journalist Maria Markus and beer specialist and journalist Anikó Lehtinen
takes us to the best pubs in Helsinki.On Sunday, September 17, 2017, Helsinki’s history tour is hosted by journalist Mia Halonen. We start from the Senate Square, statue of Emperor Alexander II, at exactly 11 am. The walk takes 1.5 hours.